Search for a suitable track car

Search for a suitable track car

So searching through the various online car sales pages I found a BMW e46 that did not have any pictures to go with it.

When a ad  has no pictures, it usually means that it is no good. But I thought I would check it out and he sent me some pictures. The car looked pretty decent.

After convincing the wife to have a look we loaded up the family and took off to check it out. I met with the owner and looked over the car. It was tidy and started and ran nicely. I was unable to take the car for a drive on the road, but he did have a few acres that I could putt around on and only being able to shift to 2nd.

So I did the usual chit chat to find out a bit more and why he was selling it. After talking it over with the wife, I offered him $1500 aud. He wanted to know when it could happen. So I told him as soon as I could get a car trailer I'll come and get it this week. Old mate was happy with this and accepted my offer. So threw a deposit down and started looking around for a trailer.

A family friend came through with the trailer and my neighbour said he would give me a hand to go and get the bimmer. So after arranging the best time to pick up the car we set off to grab the trailer and then headed over to collect the car.

My neighbour was blown away with it as it was super tidy and straight, no rust and had some nice rims. Bimmer was loaded and money exchanged hands then we set off home. Unloaded the trailer at home and we took it for a quick strap around the block and we were both surprised at how hard it pulled and how clean the engine sounded.

So here it is unloaded at home.

BMW e46 323i

Manual, 2.5l straight 6, BBS 18 inch rims, aftermarket exhaust and fancy leather interior.

So happy with it, now to sell the bike so I can finance the build.