After having a serious health scare. It made me realize what was important.

How would my young family cope without me, How can I set my family up, What will I miss if I go now, what is something that I've always wanted to do, etc...  

It got me thinking. Now, I wanted to fire up the clothing label and really make a go of it. Another thing is, I've always wanted a racecar. So searching the online car sales trying to figure out what I wanted and how was I going to pay for it.

This brings me to my beloved Harley.

I customised it just the way I liked it and had some of the best times with it. Multiple campouts, doing a 4500km round trip with my brothers to go watch some MotoGP and general running amuck.

So as much as I would love to have both the bike and race car, I have made the sad decision to sell the Harley. Breaks my heart as I have had the best of times with this bike and it means a lot to me. But having a race car may top that feeling.

So here's to the next chapter